Talk 79’s Cameras

The CUBE Talk 79 has dual cameras, the front facing camera is 2MP, and the rear-facing one is of 5MP and has auto-focus support. When it comes to video chatting via Skype, the front camera handily gets the job done, but you’d better expect nothing more. The rear-facing camera can deliver some decent photos while the lighting is right, but still, it is no match for the 5MP camera on a low-end phone.

Talk 79’s Connectivity

The Talk 79 has everything a smartphone should have, and since it uses the MTK SoC., everything works just fine. The addition of GPS module and Bluetooth V4.0 betters the experiences in using the slate. Even the Wi-Fi reception is pretty good on the Talk 79. The only issue I have with the slate is that it uses Nano SIM card, which is really a huge inconvenience for non-iPhone5-users like me!

Talk 79’s Battery Life

This has been a tricky one to gauge. As much as I've tried to use the Talk 79 as my daily driver, for reasons discussed elsewhere, that didn't quite happen. One thing's for sure though, you're looking to at 1-2 days of average use between charges. The 4500mAh battery CUBE claims will offer 6 hours of video playback and 330 hours of standby time.

In my actual test, the Talk 79 loops a 720P video for 8 hours, 6 minutes (50% brightness, 50% speaker volume) and streams an online TV show for 5 hours, 27 minutes.

The combination of 28nm process of the MT8389 chipset and a decent-sized battery should have resulted in a more excellent longevity. The Talk 79 just lets me down a little bit, especially when compared to the ICOO ICOU Fatty2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, both of which could give a 10+ hours’ run time.

Although the Talk 79 can be charged under a shutdown state, charging it is by no means a fast experience. Charging the tablet from 0% to full takes about 4 hours


The Good:

Exquisite design and solid build.
Decent and stable performance, excellent in gaming.
Full phone functionalities.

The Bad:

No Micro SD card slot, no HDMI.
Nano SIM card.

I really want to like the Talk 79, and in some respects I do. For the price, this is a very competitive device with slim design, decent performance, Jelly Bean, and full phone functionalities.