REVIEW: Kingzone N5

REVIEW: Kingzone N5

KingZone N5 Review and hands-on experience: A affordable 64-bit quad-core Android 5.0 Smartphone with 2GB RAM, 5.0’’ 2.5D curved screen, 13.0MP main camera

KingZone N5 has been launched officially, and now we have a review of this phone, this phone has nice appearance design and decent specifications, at the same time, it is targeted at the mid-range smartphone market, with good performance including a good camera , gaming performance and a fantastic screen for watching videos. As new listed quad-core 64-bit mid-range device, KingZone obviously stand out from the crowd in terms of price and performance. Today, we will make a serious hands-on experience for KingZone N5, the details are as following:

KingZone N5 Review—Unboxing

Kingzone N5_09
1 x KingZone N5 phone
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x 3.5mm Headphone
1 x 2600mAh battery
1 x Tempered Glass
1 x User Manual

KingZone N5—Design and Display

Kingzone N5_016
It comes with a compact 5.0-inch Arc screen with 1280*720p resolution. The colours are bright, sharpness is good and contrast ratio is also perfect even in outside. Overall, the quality of the display on N5 is good.Of certainly, its touch response is also very sensitive. Moreover, KingZone N5 also has a good grip feeling thanks to its 5.0-inch screen and 6.3mm ultra-thin bezel, above the screen, it is equipped with front camera , the caller speaker and Air gesture, and below the screen, there are still three touch buttons including Menu, Home and Back.

Kingzone N5_01 Kingzone N5_014Kingzone N5_026 Kingzone N5_025

As already mentioned, the KingZone N5 boasts a 6.3mm metal bezel, the ultra-thin thickness+metal touch feeling give us a quite comfortable hand feeling, moreover, coupled with its rounded corners, making its look quite stylish and elegant. On the details, you will note that the Power key /the Volume up and down buttons are both at the right side of the phone, while the 3.5mm Headphone Jack and the USB ports are placed at the top of the phone, and the Microphone is located in the bottom of the phone, the left side of the phone is completely clean. Obviously, this design is very in accord with our daily handedness, thus making the operation more simple and fast.

Kingzone N5_019 Kingzone N5_017Kingzone N5_023 Kingzone N5_021

Coming to the back, we will note the 13.0MP rear camera and flashlight, and at the bottom of the plastic back cover, there is a “KingZone” logo and “4G GPS HDR WIFI” slogan, moreover, we can also see YAMAHA Speaker Box, the overall cover design is quite simple and elegant. When removing the back cover, we can see a built-in 2600mAh battery , above the battery , there are two card slots including one SIM card slot and one MicroSD card slot.

Kingzone N5_024 Kingzone N5_022

KingZone N5 Review—Hardware and performance

The KingZone N5 is equipped with latest MTK6735 64-bit quad-core chip,clocked at 1.0GHz , and supplemented by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage.

The highly demanding tasks like gaming work okay but graphics don’t look that good like on flagships and you may see some skipped frames there and there. Still, the overall performance is acceptable and the phone does not heat up to uncomfortable levels.

Kingzone N5_05 Kingzone N5_02Kingzone N5_04 Kingzone N5_02

KingZone N5 Review—Android 5.1 Lollipop
The KingZone N5 runs Android 5.1 OS. All the apps sit on the home screens, quite convenient to open and operating them. There are some interesting features like the so-called simple mode, which changes the look of icons and leaves the most commonly used features.

In addition, the Android operating system also supports a lot of gesture and motion controls as well as one hand mode and all of them work pretty good. Beyond that, it also offers some customization options like the ability to choose from a variety of themes and so on.

The day-to-day usage is usually smooth but sometimes you may see a minor hiccup. It is nothing major though and overall operating interface experience is good.

Kingzone N5_07 Kingzone N5_06

KingZone N5 Review—Multimedia
The multimedia experience is good but not best. The video playback work without any hiccups but the placement of the speaker is terrible since it gets muffled very easily.
Speaking of which , the loudspeaker quality is decent and the sound quality is also quite great! The KingZone N5 uses the YAMAHA Speaker Box, in terms of sound quality , it is comparable to other devices in this price range.

KingZone N5 Review—Video Quality
The device can shoot videos at maximum resolution of 1080p and the footage is sometimes average but other times may look pretty good as the sensor can capture a decent amount of details and reproduce natural looking colours.

KingZone N5 Review—Connectivity
During the testing, we will find the KingZone N5 supports 4G LTE, 3G,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, and the GPS lock speeds as well as accuracy are good. Certainly, the GPS accuracy may not be that as good as Snapdragon chip powered devices, but there is nothing to be a deal breaker.

Kingzone N5_010 Kingzone N5_011

KingZone N5 Review—Battery
The KingZone N5 is fitted with a 2600mAh removable battery, which sounds uninspiring on paper. The screen on times can reach 5 hours or more but I found to last me for around 4 hours on normal use. But thankfully ,its battery is removable, if you are worried about the battery capacity, you can prepare one or more backup battery. On the other hand, the standby time is very good and the device should get you through the day unless you are a heavy users.

Kingzone N5_027   Kingzone N5_022

KingZone N5 Review—Smart Wake-up Function / HotKnot wireless Transmission
It is very good to see that the KingZone N5 comes with Smart Wake-up feature, using this function, you can easily to operate your phone. You could draw different gestures to open the related apps, such as draw “C”to open phone and “e”to open Gallery, Double-click to open or close the screen.
In addition, the N5 also supports the HotKnot function, with the feature, we can easily transfer the data to the other phones which also owns HotKnot function.

Kingzone N5_013 Kingzone N5_011

KingZone N5 Review—Camera
Camera is a very important factor for most of the buyers and there is no doubt that they desire a smartphone offers them a high MP rear camera as well as nice front camera. Denying falling behind the competition, the KingZone N5 features a 5.0MP front+13.0MP dual cameras, and with flashlight and auto focus. Moreover, the camera is also equipped with different shooting mode, which includes a standard one, beauty, HDR, Panorama and so on. Through the shooting samples below, we will find that the image quality is very good, and the colours is bright and the contrast ratio is also perfect. But in the case of low-light, the pictures quality may have a bit vague,but you can open the flashlight and adjust the focus. If under normal circumstances, its shooting effect is still quite superior.

1. Location shooting



2. Low-light shooting

IMG_20150813_131011 IMG_20150813_130359  IMG_20150813_131318


Through the above operating experience, we believe that many users has seen the performance of this phone. In my opinion, the KingZone N5 is a good mid-range smartphone with decent specifications like 2.5 D curved screen, 64-bit quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM , 5.0MP front+13.0MP dual cameras and Android 5.1 OS. Judging from the specifications, KingZone N5 is considered to be one of the most mainstream 64-bit quad-core phones. Moreover, Both in terms of performance and hardware, KingZone N5 also performs rather good.


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